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Water-based 1 component industrial paints and coatings. These are user-friendly but very durable products which can be used for various industrial objects such as metal constructions, rolling stock, machine construction, container construction, tools, etc. BICCS AQUA coatings only contain the bare minimum of VOCs and are free of hazardous lead and chromate pigments. Due to…

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A wide range of strong water-based 2 component industrial coatings. Aqua 2K Bichothane products are characterised by their high hardness and scratch resistance, and are optimally chemical-resistant. Very suitable for a wide range of industrial objects when environmental demands cannot affect the quality of the preservation process. BICCS AQUA coatings only contain the bare minimum…

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Aqua 2K Bipox Primer is a water-based 2 component, high build adhesive primer based on epoxy wax and an amine hardener. Because of the high percentage of zinc phosphate pigments, it has active anti-rust characteristics which makes this primer the ideal base for durable low-VOC 2K coating system. Suitable for steel and non-ferrous. Can be…

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