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BICHOLIN / 2200 & 2300-series
1C Long Oil Alkyd Resin (SB)
Bicholin High Solid Enamel High Gloss  (2353)
Bicholin High Solid Enamel Satin Gloss  (2352)
Bicholin High Solid System Paint  (2354)
BICELLINE / 4100-series
1C Cellulose/Alkyd Resin Combination (SB)
Bicelline Matt   (4155)
BICHOLUX QD / 1200-series
1C Short Oil Alkyd Resin (SB)
Bicholux QD Spraycoating Gloss  (1253)
Bicholux QD Spraycoating Satin Gloss  (1252)
Bicholux QD HB Bodyprimer  (1243)
Bicholux QD HB Zinc Phosphate Primer  (1242)
Bicholux QD HB Projectprimer (RAL1013)  (1244)
Bicholux QD HB System-Coating Matt  (1255)
Bicholux QD HB System-Coating Satin Matt  (1256)
Bicholux QD HB System-Coating Gloss  (1257)
Bicholux QD Hammertone  (1291)
AGRIDECK / 9500-series
1C Alkyd/Acrylic Resin Combination (SB)
Agrideck Enamel Satin Gloss  (9552)
Agrideck Adhesive (Multi) Primer White  (9541)
Agrideck Zinc Phosphate Primer l.Grey  (9542)
Agrideck High Solid Enamel High Gloss  (9563)
BICCS 3-in-1 Satin Gloss  (9556)
BICHOLUX / 1100-series
1C Medium Oil Alkyd Resin (SB)
Bicholux Spray Enamel High Gloss  (1153)
Bicholux Spray Enamel Satin Gloss  (1152)
Bicholux HB Coating Semi Matt  (1156)
Bicholux Primer  (1140)
Bichothane 1C PU Filler Primer White  (9047)

UNIDECK CR / 7000-series
1C Chlorinated Rubber (SB)
Unideck CR Deck Paint HB  (7156)
Unideck CR Mica.Iron Oxide (MIO) Paint HB  (7149)
Unideck CR Zinc Phosphate Primer HB  (7142)
Unideck CR COMBI Mica.Iron Oxide (MIO) Paint HB  (7150)
1C Acrylic (SB)
Unideck AC Mica.Iron Oxide (MIO) Paint HB
Unideck AC Zinc Phosphate Primer HB
Unideck AC COMBI Mica.Iron Oxide (MIO) Paint HB

BICHOTHANE 2C-PU / 3300-series
2C Polyurethane (SB)
Bichothane 2C-PU Spray Enamel High Gloss  (3353)
Bichothane 2C-PU Spray Enamel Silk Gloss  (3352)
Bichothane 2C-PU HB Gloss  (3358)
Bichothane 2C PU HB Semi Matt  (3359)
BIPOX 2C / 6100-series
2C Epoxy (SB)
Bipox 2C Hardener for HB Zinc Phosphate primer  (6142)
Bipox 2C Hardener for HB Midcoat  (6145)
Bipox 2C HB Zinc Phosphate Primer  (6142)
Bipox 2C HB Midcoat  (6145)
Bipox 2C HB Zinc Phosphate Primer RM 1013  (6146)
Bipox 2C Zincrich Primer  (6147)
Bipox 2C HB HS ZPH Primer RM7035  (6166)
Bichothane 2C-PU Standard Hardener  (3380)
Bichothane 2C-PU Extra Hardener  (3381)
BICCS 2C Project Hardener  (9086)
2C Washprimer Hardener  (9080)
2C Washprimer  (9040)
BICCS 2C Accelerator Additive  (9790)
BICCS Glass Adhesion Promoter  (9794)

BICHODUR 2C DTM & HG / 9200-series
2C Acrylic (SB)
Bichodur 2C Brush Enamel Silk Gloss  (9222)
Bichodur 2C Brush Enamel High Gloss  (9223)
Bichodur 2C DTM Matt-10  (9251)
Bichodur 2C DTM Satin Gloss-50  (9252)
Bichodur 2C High Gloss-98  (9253)
Bichodur 2C Topcoat Silk Gloss  (9297)
Bichodur 2C DTM Gloss-70  (9258)
Bichodur 2C High Solid High Gloss-90  (9273)
Bichodur 2C DTM High Solid Satin Gloss-50  (9272)
Bichodur 2C Topcoat Matt  (9291)
BICHOWOOD 2C / 9800-series
2C PU Professional Furniture Lacquers (SB)
Bichowood 2C Filling Bodyprimer White  (9847)
Bichowood 2C Filling Bodyprimer White NEW  (9848)
Bichowood 2C Sealer NEW  (9889)

AQUA 1C BICHOLUX / 5200-series
1C Waterborne Industrial Coatings (WB)
Aqua 1C Bicholux Enamel High Gloss  (5253)
Aqua 1C Bicholux Enamel Silk Gloss  (5252)
Aqua 1C System-coating Matt  (5255)
Aqua 1C System-coating Satin Matt  (5256)
Aqua 1C Bicholux Enamel Gloss-70  (5258)
Aqua 1C Bicholux Primer RAL1013  (5048)
Aqua 1C Bicholux Filler Primer White  (5047)
2C Waterborne Epoxy (WB)
Aqua 2C Bipox Primer RAL1013  (5045)
AQUA 2C BICHOTHANE / 5000-series
2C Waterborne Industrial Coatings (WB)
Aqua 2C Bichothane Enamel High Gloss  (5055)
Aqua 2C Bichothane Enamel Silk Gloss  (5056)
Aqua 2C Bichothane AG Topcoat Gloss  (5065)
Aqua 2C Bichothane AG Topcoat Silk Gloss  (5066)
Aqua 2C Bichothane Filler Primer White  (5041)
Aqua 2C Bichothane Topcoat Matt  (5067)
Biqua Cleaner  (5075)

Download ALL msds-sheets (20 mb)  (0000)
BICCS Texture Granules, type BG60  (9095)
Download MSDS BC-S ICS (4 Mb ZIP file)  (8200)
BICCS Matting-paste  (9093)
BICCS Texture Granules, type BG120  (9096)
Download MSDS BC-W Ind. Colourants (ZIP file)  (8300)
Dew Point Table
Colours Bicholux QD Hammertone
Overview Use of BICCS thinners
BICCS Hammertone color recipes
BICCS metallic color recipes
BICCS Paintsystems (examples, PDF1,5 mb)
BICCS Conditions of sale and delivery (PDF)

2C Fluorpolymer Coating (SB)
QualiProtec® Clear Top Coat  (9451_2_3)
QualiProtec® Cleaner B  (9475)


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