For batches from 1 to 1,000 litres

With the BICCS® colour pastes, paint plants can easily produce batches from 1 to 1,000 litres, more economically and cleaner. By using 16 to 20 pastes and the included software, a manufacturer already has access to a complete mixing system based on one or two transparent and/or white bases per quality level produced by the manufacturer himself. The colour pastes are formulated on the basis of high-quality pigments and a combination of special resins and moisteners. The pigment concentrations are chosen such that with dosing according to recipes from the program, a colourfast product with superior covering qualities results. BICCS® has developed two lines of universal colour pastes: one to be used with solvent-based bases and one for water-borne bases. Each of the two lines offers 16 to 20 colour pastes. The colour pastes are tolerant of a large series of binders.


colour machine

With the aid of the software package with over 10,000 colour formulations, the user can produce every colour in the rainbow, including colours for RAL, NCS, BS, fleet owners, agricultural machinery, etc. If desired the recipe database can be expanded by the addition of a customerís own colour palette. The program can also be linked to a photo-spectrometer.

In cooperation with our R&D department and the software supplier, the program can be fully coordinated to the wishes of the paint manufacturer.

Advice and support

With their knowledge and years of experience, the specialists at the BICCS® laboratory are ready and waiting to advise and answer the questions of users of its colour pastes. On the basis of test materials supplied by customers, if desired tests can be carried out with regard to binder acceptance, colour, colour intensity, and other technical properties of paint. BICCS® also supports paint plants in the development and optimisation of basic qualities, in order to achieve optimal tolerance with respect to the colour pastes.

The advantages of
BICCS® Industrial Coating & Colourant Systems

  • more efficient production
  • cleaner production
  • shorter production time per colour
  • reduction in raw materials
  • reduction in leftovers and wastes
  • optimal use of production capacity
  • lower production costs for batches from 1 to 1,000 litres
  • lower distribution costs
  • consistent quality, both of in-batch production and in-can tinting
  • all desired colours, standard and non-standard, available immediately without large inventories
  • technical support by BICCS® specialists
  • an ideal marketing instrument

The solvent-based pastes are added in quantities between 5% and 40% volume. The percentage depends upon the colour, the application method, the covering level and the product. These pastes are suitable for application in the following binders:

  • low-fat, medium-fat, and fatty alkyd resins
  • 2 component polyurethane
  • 2 component epoxy
  • acrylate resins
  • chlorinated rubber paints
  • vinyl paints
  • baked enamels
  • high-solids coatings, single and dual component

For the pastes for water-borne products mixing ratios apply between 5% and 20% in volume. These pastes are suited for such binders as the following:

  • 1 component acrylate dispersion
  • 1 component alkyd emulsion
  • 1 component polyurethane modified alkyd
  • 2 component polyurethane
  • 2 component epoxy

For more information about our colour paste systems for internal plant applications, please contact us via this link.



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