Colour pastes and mixing systems

Colour pastes

The BICCS® colour pastes are formulated on the basis of high-quality pigments and a combination of special resins and wetting agents. The pigment concentrations are chosen in such a way that, when added according to recipes of the program, a colourfast product with superior opacity power arises. BICCS® has two lines of universal colour pastes: one for use with solvent-containing bases and one for water-borne bases. Both lines consist of 16 to 20 colour pastes. The universal BICCS® colour pastes are compatible with a wide range of different binders.

Water-borne BICCS® colour pastes

The water-based BICCS® colour pastes are usually added in quantities between 1% and 20% in volume. This percentage depends on the colour, the application method, the desired opacity and the type of paint product. For example, these pastes are suitable for use with the following binders:

  • 1 component acrylate dispersion
  • 1 component alkyd emulsion
  • 1 component polyurethane modified alkyd
  • 2 componenten polyurethaan
  • 2-component polyurethane

Solvent-containing BICCS® colour pastes

Solvent-containing BICCS® colour pastes are added in quantities between 1% and 40% in volume. This percentage depends on the colour, the application method, the desired opacity and the type of paint product. These pastes are suitable, for example, for use with the following binders:

  • Skimmed, medium-fat and oily alkyd resins
  • 1 component alkyd emulsion
  • 2-component epoxy
  • Acrylics
  • Chlorinated rubber paints
  • Vinyl paints
  • Stove enamelling lacquers
  • Many high solid coatings, both one and two component

Colour mixing systems

For in-plant systems

With the universal BICCS® colour pastes, paint manufacturers can quickly and easily produce batches from 1 to 1,000 litres, in a more economical and cleaner way. With 16 to 20 BICCS® colour pastes and the software that is supplied with it, a manufacturer has access to a complete colour mixing system based on one or two transparent and / or white base paints produced by the manufacturer itself.

Advice & Support

The specialists of the BICCS® laboratory are ready to provide advice and answer the questions of users of its colour pastes. On the basis of test material provided by customers, tests are carried out to determine the compatibility of the binder, the colour intensity and other technical properties of the paints that are coloured by BICCS colour pastes.

Voor point-of-sale

The colour mixing system can be supplied in combination with different dosing machines. For the paint processor, BICCS has a hand-held mixing unit that can be easily operated using a scale and a tedder. For the larger processors and the distributor there are labour-saving, fully automatic dosing units.

With these mixing systems, the processor and the distributor can produce an industrial coating in the desired colour at any time, in exactly the right quantity, and in every paint specification.


Using the software package with more than 10,000 colour recipes, the user can produce all possible colours, including colours according to RAL, NCS, BS, fleet owners, agricultural machines, etc. If desired, the recipe database can be expanded with the customer’s own colour range. The accompanying software can also be linked to a spectrophotometer with which one can directly scan and save colour samples. In cooperation with our R & D department and the software supplier, the program can be fully tailored to the needs of the paint manufacturer.

The advantages of BICCS ® Industrial Colourant Systems:

  • more efficient production
  • cleaner production
  • shorter production time per colour
  • reduction of raw materials use
  • reduction of paint residue and waste
  • optimal use of production capacity
  • lower production costs for batches from 1 to 1,000 litres
  • lower distribution costs
  • consistent quality, both in ‘in-batch’ and ‘in-can’ production
  • all desired colours are available (standard and non-standard), made directly in the right colour and quantity without the need for large stocks
  • technical support by BICCS® specialists
  • an ideal marketing tool