About us


Since the foundation of the company in 1983, BICCS BV has earned an outstanding reputation as a paint producer and supplier of industrial colour mixing systems and coatings. Thanks to an innovative mentality and an open ear for the new demands and wishes of our buyers, we developed an industrial colour mixing system in the late eighties. The basic principle for this was to develop one universal system with which industrial coatings could be produced with different qualities, for every colour and in every amount.
In 1993, BICCS BV began using an entirely newly-built plant. During its construction, the specific requirements for a modern production plant were explicitly taken into account. At the same time as our move to Almere, we expanded production capacity to adequately respond to the increasing demand of our national and international buyers for durable, high-quality paint products.

Eye for the environment

Durability is an important theme. For years now, BICCS has been striving to make a positive contribution to the environmental problems. This is demonstrated in our research as well as in our production process and product lines.

Our research is geared to developing durable products. These developments can consist of coatings which give the same protection with less layers, long-life products and products which contain fewer or no solvents, such as high solids and water-based products. Another important point of attention is scanning the formulas already in existence to exchange harmful raw materials for highly durable alternatives.

The modern plant in Almere meets all of the current environmental rules in force and the production processes are optimized on a regular basis to reduce the emission of solvents and the existing residu materials. A modern internal plant colour mixing system makes it possible to colour large and small quantities of paint in a fast and ultimately flexible way without residual waste.

Our delivery programme consist of many products in which hazardous materials such as pigments and solvents containing lead have been replaced or reduced to a minimum. Since 2001, BICCS has delivered a full programme of absolute top quality water-based coatings with a wide range of pigments.

BICCS BV is ISO 9001 certified and is a participant in the global Coatings Care programme.

On this website you can find more information on our various colour mixing systems and industrial coatings. The most essential product information, technical data sheets and safety information sheets can be downloaded directly from our download page without logging in.